SQL Server 2005 Msg 6505 - Could not find Type in Assembly

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If you are trying to register CLR assembly for use in a SQL Server User-Defined Function and receive the 6505 error message about not being able to find the assembly, then Visual Studio .NET 2005 may be the culprit.

Let's review the code you've tried:

FROM 'C:\TEMP\MyAssemblyName.dll'

create function FindMatchingKeys
@pattern nvarchar(500),
@searchString nvarchar(2000)
returns table
ItemsFound int
) as
external name MyAssemblyName.MyClassName.MyMethodName

For some reason, you need to reference the assembly name
with the class as well:

external name MyAssemblyName.[MyAssemblyName.MyClassName].MyMethodName

Submission Date:  12/14/2005 10:03:32 AM
Submitted By:  Robbe Morris
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