Google Data API now includes full Blogger API

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WiIth yesterday's Blogger Beta launch comes some great news for Blogger API developers — Blogger now has a Google Data API!

There's lots of great sample code in the Blogger/GData doc

Downloadable Client Libraries are provided for both C# and Java developers

Authentication is fully documented for both Installed Applications and Web Apps

Your GData code should be easily reusable across other GData API apps, such as Calendar

I like Blogger, I've used it for my UnBlog for several years now. In fact, now that the API is out, I'm thinking of starting a new one just as a private "TODO" or notes list. With the Data API, you'll be able to search, post, and everything else from within your custom program, access Google Calendar, and so on.

A welcome addition. Visit the info and download page here:

Submission Date:  8/18/2006 7:44:20 AM
Submitted By:  Peter Bromberg
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