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This is a repost of Nauman Leghari's blog post of links related to Smartphone programming...

This is a repost of Nauman Leghari's blog post of links related to Smartphone programming...

Chapter 1: Introduction to the .NET Compact Framework

Fundamentals of Microsoft .NET Compact Framework Development for the Microsoft .NET Framework Developer

What's New in Smartphone 2003

Develop for Windows Mobile 2003 for Smartphone Using the .NET Compact Framework

An Introduction to Microsoft SmartPhone, and Programming SmartPhone using C#

Design Considerations for Microsoft Smartphone Applications

Chapter 2: The Smartphone User Interface
Write Apps for the Smartphone without Dumbing Down Your UI

Creating a Multiple Form Application Framework for the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework

How to Create a Microsoft .NET Compact Framework-based Image Button

Crafting Smartphone User Interfaces Using .NET Compact Framework

Develop for the SmartPhone Using Techniques You Already Know

Chapter 3: Smartphone Controls
Creating Controls by Hand in the .NET Compact Framework

.NET Compact Framework Sample: Hosting A Native Windows Control

Developing Custom Controls in C# with Smart Device Extensions

Chapter 4: Graphics

Creating a Microsoft .NET Compact Framework-based Animation Control

Chapter 5: Files and Directories

Working with files on Smartphone devices with the .NET Compact Framework

Chapter 6: Mobile Web Services
Consuming Web Services with the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework

Chapter 7: Working with Unmanaged Code

Accessing Phone APIs from the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework

Advanced P/Invoke on the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework

An Introduction to P/Invoke and Marshaling on the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework

Creating a P/Invoke Library

P/Invoking Serial APIs in the Compact Framework

Using dumpbin.exe as an Aid for Declaring P/Invokes

Chapter 8: Deploying Smartphone Application
Deployment Patterns for Microsoft .NET Compact Framework

Smartphone 2003 Application Deployment Demystified

Chapter 9: Interoperability

Connecting Microsoft Mobile Devices to Java Infrastructures

Architecting Disconnected Mobile Applications Using a Service Oriented Architecture

Chapter 10: Game Programming with Smartphone

Games Programming with Cheese: Part One

Games Programming with Cheese: Part Two

Games Programming with Cheese: Part Three

Games Programming with Cheese: Part Four

Chapter 11: Advanced Topics


A Practical Guide to the Smartphone Application Security and Code Signing Model for Developers

Sending and Receiving SMS Messages:
Receiving SMS Messages Inside a Managed Application

Sending SMSs from your Microsoft .NET Compact Framework-based Applications


Microsoft .NET Compact Framework Debugging

An Overview of the .Net Compact Framework Garbage Collector

Microsoft .NET Compact Framework Multi-threading Tips

Microsoft .NET Compact Framework Background Processing Techniques

Improving Microsoft .NET Compact Framework-based Application Form Load Performance

Developing Well Performing .NET Compact Framework Applications

.Net Compact Framework Advanced Memory Management


Creating Self-Updating Applications With the .NET Compact Framework

Improving .NET Compact Framework HTTP Communications using HttpWebRequest and Custom ASP.NET Providers

Connecting a Smartphone 2003 Application to a Remoting Infrastructure

.NET Compact Framework Mobile Web Server Architecture

Chapter 12: What's Next
What's New in the .NET Compact Framework 2.0

Other Resources (Links gathered from comments)

Pragmatic Smartphone Application Hints and Tricks:

Programming Smartphone 2002/2003/SE with Embedded Visual Basic (eVB):

Smartphone "Tip-o-the-Day"

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